Warriors Orochi 2 PS2 E3 2009 Trailer/Movies/Screens

Sequel to Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors crossover video game to arrive on PSP this summer
KOEI has released a new trailer, three movies and a new batch of screenshots from Warriors Orochi 2, this time showcasing the PSP version of this game which reunites again two popular franchises, Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. Developed by Omega Force, Warriors Orochi 2 takes place after the events of the original game. The game's main "Story" mode features storylines for the kingdoms of Wu, Wei, and Shu, and the Samurai Warriors, while a new Orochi storyline looks back to the first series of wars to expose some of the Serpent King's secrets. The game's newly added “Dream” mode features an original storyline different from that of Story Mode. Warriors Orochi 2 for PSP will ship in August 2009.