Cursed Mountain Website Updated

What traces did Eric Simmons leave in the village at the foot of the mountain?
The official Cursed Mountain website is now updated with details on Eric Simmons' ascent of Mt. Chomolonzo in the Himalayas. Postcards from his grueling trip, diary entries and video material speak of the dangers Eric encounters while climbing the mountain. Cursed Mountain is using the Athena game engine which is rendering the Himalayas on Wii at a quality never seen before. The engine highlights of Athena include amongst others, HDR-Rendering, shader simulations developed especially for Wii in order to display ice, heat and water (realistic reflections and refractions), an ultra-fast particle system for snow storms, soft particles, realistic fog and smoke, depth of field, motion blur, dynamic soft shadows, spherical harmonics lighting, as well as a high performance level-of-detail and streaming system in order to provide long viewing distance of the entire surrounding.