Out of Hell 20 June 2009

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. DarkTiger has released three new packs for Dany's Virtual Drum 2, a drum simulator in which you you can choose your instruments, your virtual interface, your key set and play. You can load a musical base, releasable in site link, and recording a video of your performance.

2. The official Matmi New Media Design website is hosting several games that can be played online.

3. In celebration of their own Captain Jakey's 9th birthday, A2A Simulations is having its first ever store-wide sale. Captain Jakey can be seen in several A2A Simulations onsite research videos. He is a professional helper to them and has sat in over twenty cockpits, taken the controls of a Piper Cub, and flown in a real B17 Flying Fortress. This sale is a world-wide sale covering all time zones, so if it is Friday or Saturday (June 20th and 21st) where you live, the sale will be active. Click here for details.

4. In less than two months, Moblyng Games accumulated more than 250,000 downloads for its cross-platform titles, which play seamlessly from Facebook to smartphones, including the iPhone, Google G1, and Nokia N7. All of Moblyng Games' titles are free-to-play, with the option of purchasing in-game premium items. Visit this website for info.