Next Xbox 360 Dashboard Update To Include Enzyte For Enhanced Performance

Major Nelson has hinted in his podcast that the next update for the Xbox 360 dashboard will include "performance enhancements" as well as additional changes.
The next Xbox 360 dashboard update will include "plenty of goodies" according to Microsoft's Major Nelson, as he stated in his latest podcast. While it won't be a replacement for the current Dashboard, Major Nelson makes it sound as if a lot of additional changes will be made aside from the addition of Facebook and Twitter functionality. The biggest thing to look forward to hear is the Dashboard running more smoothly. While it runs a lot better than the previous Dashboard, every once in a while my system will hit the crapper if it tries to do something major in addition to a pop-up announcement jumping onto my screen. Not all the time, but occasionally. The updates will be coming out later this year, likely around when the leaves start falling and all the little kiddies start complaining about pencils, books and teacher's dirty looks again.