3D Realms Counters Take-Two's Lawsuit with Another Lawsuit

In response to Take-Two's lawsuit against them, 3D Realms has responded with their own lawsuit over the cancellation of a separate Duke Nukem game
Ok, this might be confusing to some folks. Take-Two filed a lawsuit against Apogee Software, a.k.a. 3D Realms, for laying off their staff, violating a contract to finish Duke Nukem Forever and claims they have money stored in offshore bank accounts. This week, 3D Realms responds with a lawsuit of their own. Not only do they claim said negotiations fell through May 1st of 2009, just before laying off the development team, but also that Take-Two had canceled a separate Duke Nukem project being developed by 2K Games. Apparently a contract had originally been signed in 2007 for 2K Games to make another game entitled Duke Begins, unrelated to Duke Nukem Forever, but Take-Two had canceled the title in April of this year without the consent of 3D Realms. This apparently breached contract and is the case for the counter-suit. Me, I'm just sick of this whole thing and want someone, ANYONE, to just finish Duke Nukem Forever so we can get on with our lives. Won't someone PLEASE think of the gamers?