Runes of Magic Weeping Coast Area Details and Trailer/Screens

The Weeping Coast brings 200 new quests to Taborea
Frogster Interactive announced today it has begun implementing new content from Chapter 2: The Elven Prophecy, the next chapter of Runes of Magic. The Weeping Coast region is located in northern Taborea, and features a swamp landscape with branching channels. Fish-like creatures known as the Tiktaalik make the marshes unsafe, and temples which are found on higher ground are populated by wild clans of trolls. The region is also where players will first encounter the Naga, an infamous evil race in the game world. These saurian people are entwined in ancient secrets which players will slowly unravel as the second chapter progresses. Around 200 new quests in the Weeping Coast will give adventurers plenty to do as they climb to level 52. The opening of the Weeping Coast zone and the start of the multi-stage launch of The Elven Prophecy is scheduled for August. A new trailer and seven more screenshots have been added in our download section.