Runes of Magic New Classes Unveiled/Artwork and v2.0.0.1840 Client

Frogster introduces the two new Elf classes: Wardens and Druids
Releasing these two pieces of artwork, Frogster Interactive has announced that two new playable classes will be introduced to Runes of Magic, along with the launch of The Elven Prophecy, the second chapter of the game. Both Elves classes are defined by their close connection with nature, which in turn also has a direct influence on the Elves' special abilities. Thus the Wardens have the power to call upon the power of nature spirits and can connect with the woodland plants which in turn strengthen them with the power of the forest. The Druid's abilities are at first glance similar to those of the human Mage, but they are, however, not confined to destructive magical powers. They possess in fact a multitude of attack methods and healing spells. A particular unique strength they have is the ability to harness Nature’s Power.
Update: the latest game client is now locally mirrored.