Out of Hell 10 July 2009

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Along with these new screenshots, DarkTiger has released a new version of Dany's Virtual Drum 2, a drum simulator in which you you can choose your instruments, your virtual interface, your key set and play. You can load a musical base, releasable in site link, and recording a video of your performance.

2. VG247 is reporting that Criterion hints a return to the original 3DO version of The Need for Speed (thanks: Attila).

3. GamersFlux has announced the launch of its public alpha WOWPals service to World of Warcraft gamers. The service lets World of Warcraft players hook up with other local players, form local communities, easily find members for local guilds and share WoW related updates between friends through Twitter. World of Warcraft players and guilds can register their account for WOWPals.NET and start connecting with other players in just a matter of minutes by going here and filling a short registration form.

4. Having an ended contract with GMX Media, Absurdus announced that Carte Blanche can be purchased directly from their website as a low-cost digital delivery.

5. "Psychology of Technology: UI For U or I" is a new article by Dr. Jim Taylor about various UIs for smartphones.

6. The latest version of Xfire is now locally mirrored (thanks: John).

7. Uforia has announced that the special promotion with Wallie-Card will run from July 6th until July 26th. Players who use Wallie to make their UFO purchases during this period will receive great in-game items based on which game they play the most.