Soul Calibur 2 trailer #2

Namco has released a new trailer for Soul Calibur 2, offering a bit more than one minute and a half of gameplay footage for its upcoming console fighting game. The Best Fighting Game at this year's E3 will be released in August 2003 on PS2, Xbox and GameCube. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Soul Calibur 2 trailer #2 (Xbox version) (8.7 MB)
  • Four years have passed since the release of Soul Calibur, which received worldwide recognition as the zenith of 3D weapon-based fighting action game. "Soul Calibur II" will be brought to you with additional characters: * Both the Xbox and PS2 versions will star Necrid, a new character designed solely for the console version by famous American comic artist Todd McFarlane.Necrid`s swift sword handling techniques along with his intimidating appearance can only be described as a "pièce de resistance" and will definitely attract players. * The Xbox version welcomes "Spawn," the best-selling American comic book , movie star and action figure hero, . His appearance in "Soul Calibur II" will definitely contribute to the excitement of Soul Calibur II. * The PlayStation 2 version features Heihachi Mishima , one of the main characters from Namco's "Tekken". Battle action fans cannot miss this dream collaboration of Namco's top two battle action titles, "Tekken" and "Soul Calibur II." Other Features: * 13 historic fighters plus all new combatants including Necrid, specially designed by Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc. * Unique special guest fighters for each platform include Link, Heihachi, and Todd McFarlane's Spawn * 7 exciting modes of play including Arcade, Vs, Time Attack, Survival, Team Battle, Practice, and Weapon Master * Collect 200 different weapons in the all-new mission-complete Weapon Master mode