Farm Frenzy 3 Released and Demo

Try to become the president of a worldwide organization of farmers
Alawar Entertainment has announced the release of Farm Frenzy 3, a new sequel to the series of casual arcade sims developed by Alawar Melesta. Farm Frenzy 3 introduces Scarlett, a country girl who's as smart as she is pretty. Scarlett doesn't like how Orson, the president of the Farmer's Union, has been pocketing the dues of farmers and then refusing to help them in their hour of need, so she sets out to win the presidency by helping the farmers get back on their feet the old fashioned way: working hard. Players will be challenged to sling hay in five countries, beat 90 levels, tend to 15 animals and purchase various upgrades. A playable demo is now locally mirrored.
Farm Frenzy 3 Demo (91.49MB)