bitComposer Signs RACE On and Trailer #2

2:10 of gameplay footage
bitComposer today announced it has obtained the global rights to Race ON, the latest PC racing game developed by SimBin. RACE On comes with new challenging content including the tracks and cars from WTCC season 2008. Race On also marks a new focus from SimBin with the inclusion of iconic Detroit Muscle cars suited for those who like to lay down lots of rubber power sliding out of corners on the rev limiter. In addition, Race ON features 39 unique car models in 17 classes with over 450 variations, as well as 40 tracks and 17 alternate layouts, in total 47 tracks. The game contains the complete "STCC The Game" (The Swedish Touring Car Championship) which has previously only been released in retail stores in the Nordic territory and Russia. RACE On due to be available in September/Octoebr 2009 - a new trailer is now locally mirrored.