Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction v1.10 Beta Patch

Due to the magnitude of the upcoming Diablo II 1.10 patch, Blizzard is conducting a special patch beta test! To help beta test the Diablo II 1.10 patch, you simply need to download and install the beta patch. Please note that the patch only works for the US version of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (the final release of the patch will be for both Diablo II Classic and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction v1.10 Beta Patch (4.7 MB)
  • WELCOME TO THE DIABLO II: LORD OF DESTRUCTION PATCH 1.10 BETA We are pleased to be putting Diablo II:LoD patch 1.10 through its paces and we hope that you enjoy this experience as well. This Diablo II:LoD 1.10 Beta includes nearly all of the final patch's items, monsters, and player character skill improvements. However, it is playable only in two modes - Single Player and Other Multiplayer=>TCP/IP Game. Excluded from this Beta are (1) support for Diablo II Classic, and (3) all Battle.net-related features of the final 1.10 patch - including Battle.net Realm games/characters, 1.10 Ladder games/characters, as well as Battle.net Open games. The principal purpose of this Beta is to test this version of the 1.10 patch for bugs. Please realize that the Beta Patch isn't final - there are balance issues in this beta, which we intend to address for the final version. Of course, we appreciate all suggestions about play-balance and patch features. However, these issues are not the principal focus of the Beta and may or may not be acted upon by Blizzard Entertainment. INSTALLING AND PLAYING THE 1.10 BETA PATCH You must have installed Diablo II: Lord of Destruction before installing the 1.10 Beta patch. After downloading the Diablo II 1.10 Beta patch to your Windows desktop, double-click on it to run it. The installer automatically backs up both your 1.09 executable files and Single Player/TCP/IP/Open Game characters to a folder named '109 Backup' inside your Diablo II folder before applying the 1.10 Beta patch to your copy of Diablo II. Run Diablo II:LoD as normal. Choose "Single Player" or "Other Multiplayer" followed by "TCP/IP Game". Have fun! NOTE: The EULA for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction applies to this Beta patch with its full force and effect. HOW TO GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK Please send bug reports to DII110Beta@blizzard.com. Report any and all bugs, in as clear and complete a manner as possible. Describe, as best you can, exactly what occurred leading up to the discovery of the bug. If you can re-create the bug by following an exact set of steps, please do so and describe how to e-create the bug. Please include the following files from your Diablo II folder with your bug report: error messages, log files, character files, and screenshots if available. The log file is in the format "D2YYMMDD" -- for example, the file 'D2030619' is a log from June 19, 2003. Your character save file begins with the name of your character and ends in the extension ".d2s". You may also access the DII 1.10 Beta Forum to report bugs, add comments to other reports, or ask questions of and look for answers from the Blizzard 1.10 Patch Team. THE VOLUME OF YOUR FEEDBACK MAY MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE DIABLO II 1.10 PATCH TEAM TO RESPOND TO EACH EMAIL OR POSTING. THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT BLIZZARD TECHNICAL SUPPORT WITH BUG REPORTS, COMMENTS, OR GENERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DII 1.10 BETA PATCH. USE THE FORUM AND THE EMAIL ADDRESS GIVEN ABOVE. REVERTING TO VERSION 1.09 AND GETTING THE FINAL 1.10 PATCH You may play the Beta as long as you like. However, in order to play the final 1.10 patch on the Realms, you must first remove the Beta patch by exiting Diablo II and double-clicking on the file 'RevertTo109.bat' in your Diablo II folder. This will restore your original 1.09 Single Player/Open characters and copy your 1.10 Beta characters to a new folder called '110 Beta BackupSave'. When the final 1.10 patch release has been announced on www.blizzard.com, log onto Battle.net with Diablo II to automatically download and install it. PLAYING 1.10 BETA CHARACTERS WITH THE FINAL 1.10 PATCH Although we will try to maintain compatibility, DII 1.10 Beta characters may not be compatible with the final version of patch 1.10. WARNING: Blizzard Entertainment cannot be responsible for any errors you make in the process of copying, nor can Technical Support assist you with any problems that may develop, if you elect to attempt to play 1.10 Beta characters in the final 1.10 patch. You do so at your own risk. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT BLIZZARD TECHNICAL SUPPORT WITH BUG REPORTS, COMMENTS, OR GENERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DII 1.10 BETA PATCH. USE THE FORUM AND THE EMAIL ADDRESS GIVEN ABOVE. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CD KEYS TO ANYONE. BLIZZARD EMPLOYEES WILL NOT ASK YOU FOR THEM.