Mabinogi Ancient Secrets of Irinid Released and Screens/Trailers

The update brings new features to fantasy life MMO including flying mounts and new Amazon-themed location
Nexon America announced they have released an update to Mabinogi, adding new features to the game including flying mounts, a new jungle zone and a set of new skills. The Ancient Secrets of Irinid includes a flying mount for the first time in the history of Mabinogi, the Thunderbird. The flying mounts deliver great assistance navigating the game’s new zone, Courcle. This new land is filled with wild, untamed areas - including lush jungles, boggy swamps, grassy savannahs, and roaring rivers. Travelers must look out for a variety of deadly enemies, monsters, and animals - including elephants, and hyenas. Two new boss monsters, an enormous giant alligator and regal lion occupy Courcle and require supreme efforts to defeat. Check the new screenshots and download the trailers.