La Tale EU Open Beta Announced

Charming side-Scrolling MMORPG enters open beta in Europe
Aeria Games has announced the start of the EU open beta test for La Tale, a side-scrolling MMORPG that features beautiful 2D worlds, simple and intuitive gameplay, lots of character customization options, pets and accessories, as well as a guild system. Aeria Games is celebrating the beginning of the open beta with a leveling event: The run for 80. The first 80 players brave enough to lead the community and reach level 80 will receive a special prize package filled with rare and wonderful in game items. In addition to the Run to 80 event, Aeria has planned for a number of daily events during Open Beta to keep the action moving. Some of these events include bonus experience events, free game items and monster spawns. The EU client is now locally mirrored here.

La Tale
La Tale on PC
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