Star Alliances Released and Screens/Client

From the team behind Beyond Protocol, an MMORTS with the emphasis on the fighting
Dark Sky Entertainment has announced the launch of Star Alliances, a new online game which gives the player massive amounts of customization with the ability to jump into the midst of interstellar war instantly. Unlike Beyond Protocol, the other game made by Dark Sky Entertainment, Star Alliances focuses more on the intensity of fighting for supremacy, and less on the complex strategy of building an empire. However, much like BP, SA takes place in a galaxy with hundreds of environments in which war can rage simultaneously. Environments range from any of the 8 planet types and 5 planet sizes, to the orbit above those planets, to the very center of any of the 100+ star systems, to the cold outer reaches of space. Visit the official website for details - a batch of screenshots and the game client have been added in our download section.