Runes of Magic Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy GamesCom 2009 Trailer/Screens

2:32 of in-game footage
Frogster Interactive has released a trailer and three new screenshots from The Elven Prophecy, showcasing the Chapter II of Runes of Magic set to launch on September 15th, the same day when a boxed version of Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy will be available in German, French and Spanish retail stores for 9,90 (RRP). Included in the box are the game client on DVD and several exclusive collector's items. Players will have access to a Manticore pet, to accompany them on their journeys, a printed manual and a poster-sized world map of Taborea. buyers will also have a time-limited mount at their disposal: a Thunder Wartiger. To help players during their first steps in the game's world, a starter kit worth more than 10 Euros is also included in the box. The experience potion, for example, will help players level faster for a period of time, a special carpet will enable them to decorate their in-game house, or they can use the materials included in the starter kit to improve their weapons and armor.