THQ and GSC Game World have finally released the highly anticipated trailer of STALKER: Oblivion Lost, their upcoming tactical FPS, based on the latest beta build of the title. This is the original version, which comes in DIVX format (unlike the exclusive to IGN trailer which has been re-encoded into WMV format and stolen by a number of sites), runs for a bit more than four minutes and a half, and is available in two flavours: high res and low res. PS: No need to thank us for being the FIRST to bring you the original un-modified trailer in all its glory :) Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • STALKER: Oblivion Lost Trailer (High-Res) (61.1 MB)
  • STALKER: Oblivion Lost Trailer (Low-Res) (20.5 MB)
  • It is now for the second time that the black Chernobyl erupted to open a Zone - a new horror of ill mankind. It was at that moment that hundreds of people turned into wordless toys of invisible forces, into insane toys with erased personalities. And there were futile attempts of the army to cope with the new disease of the planet, at least to prevent its development and spread, but to no avail. The Zone grew bigger. Only rarely people dared to set off for the Zone to find out, to procure evidence of weird and uncanny changes around Chernobyl Atomic Plant. Only a handful returned, bringing strange objects and stories of deadly traps and eerie animal mutants, they found out of somebody inside controlling the evolution of humanity, forcing it to leap towards unknown final. They became stalkers, those who leave for the changing world of the Zone to explore it and find artefacts, those who cross the Zone of immense territory covered with ulcers of black lakes, scorched earth, poisonous fogs, deadly anomalous zones, populated by sapient pseudo-animal mutants... Key Features * Levels combining closed spaces as well as enormous open areas * Visualization optimized for hardware TnL (both FF and shading capable parts) * Continuous level of detail technology for all the geometry * ~100 000 polygons per frame at 60 fps on average hardware * Detailed character models (500-10 000 polys) * Powerful skeleton-based animation allows usage of motion-capture hardware and produces smooth and realistic motion of characters * Detail objects (grass/small stones/etc) * Portal-style, non-linear subdivision based visibility detection system * Intelligent hardware state caching technology * Both Direct and Radiosity lighting models * Colored dynamic lights and dynamic "soft" shadows * Intelligent shader subsystem * Dynamically generated textures * Reflections, chrome effects, etc. * VR-Simulation engine optimized for massive payload * High-performance collision detection allowing simultaneous motion of large number of characters in high polygonal environment * Realistic physics simulation (ballistic, motions, fluid engine, snow, rain, explosions, etc.) * Motion compensation scheme * Particle system with real physics * High quality HRTF 3D-sound with clipping and partial wave tracing * "Low-penalty" & "low-delay" reaction technology (less then 1ms to start HRTF 3D Sound Source to play) * Context-relative multiple-mixed music streams in MP3/MP2/WMA/ADPCM formats * High-performance collision detection allowing simultaneous motion of large number of characters in high polygonal environment * Computer rivals possess virtual hearing and sight, which when combined with worked out AI makes them tough enemies * Different kinds of enemies, military vehicles, helicopters, boats, etc (work in progress) * Accurate hit calculation algorithm * Powerful built-in scripting language * Full realization of C-language and partial C++ * Only 6-8 times slower than real (x86) code AI * Simulation Level-Of-Detail and Culling * Virtual sight, hearing, feeling * Fuzzy logic controlled agents * Advanced terrain reasoning with tactical assessment * Adapting tactics with reinforcement learning * Dedicated snipping tactics * Team maneuvers Support for all D3D compatible accelerators, starting from 2nd generation (TNT/Voodo2/etc) The most important part of the mathematics is optimized for SSE & 3Dnow! instructions Editor supports both 3DsMAX 2.5/3/4 and Lightwave 6.5/7 as modeling tools Target Audience: action fans

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