echoshift GamesCom 2009 Screens

Fifteen new screens in our gallery
Sony Computer Entertainment America has released the second batch of screenshots from echoshift, an action/puzzle game in the works at SCE Japan Studio and Artoon and due to be available in Fall/Winter 2009, for PS3 and PSP. A franchise spin-off of echochrome, echoshift shares echochrome's unique puzzle concept, however brings a new gaming style as well as visual appeal to players who are tasked to strategically maneuver a mannequin-like figure through each level while solving intricate puzzles within a certain amount of time. Because the puzzles are impossible to complete on your own the first time through, players will need to cooperate with "ghosts" of their previous attempts to help clear each level. The more the player starts over, the more ghosts appear. It is up to the player to strategically use these multiple ghosts to help them through the level and reach the goal.