Dungeon Party The Bard Class Details and Screens

Dungeon party, the fast action dungeon crawling free-to-play created by Cyanide brings a new class to the game: the bard
Cyanide announced today the addition of the Bard, a brand-new class for Dungeon Party, its dungeon crawling free-to-play game. The Bard joins the trio composed of the Wizard, the Thief and the Executioner and, just like his companions, he will break heroic fantasy codes by playing neither harp nor lute, but rock 'n' roll. The Bard brings new gameplay mechanics to Dungeon Party as well as new possibilities for 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 games, with both an attacking and defensive support role. Using his instruments and vocal 'talents' he boosts team-mates while preventing enemies from casting spells, using actions or moving normally. When he sings, flashy 3D effects are displayed, matching his rock 'n' roll behaviour. Check full story for details - two screenshots found their way in our gallery.