Age of Sail 2 v1.50 Patch

Talonsoft has released a new patch for Age of Sail II. This patch (v1.50) adds several new features and improvements, and also fixes several bugs. Read the full story for more details. Download Size: 1.49 MB.
Age of Sail II v1.50 includes the following improvements, added features, and tech support updates: New icon for surrendered ship New icon for captured ship Game spy logo on find Internet game window Message in chat window if one player leaves multiplayer game Improved Ship List 'scrolling. Cannon's Recharge improved Icons on ship improved. Sometimes icons crawl over player's name. Chat window feature during battle added Ships will change flag in campaign by side, not by nationality. Captured ships now should carry player's side flag. Guns Repair issue addressed Guns can be repaired during battle. Many AI improvements. AI much more aggressive "End" feature (E-key) feature improved Completely new ships path finding Improved shot system Ships should not fire to enemy ship if friendly ships are in front of enemy. Multiplayer - better tasks synchronization When surrendered ships captured flag should be changed to side that put a prize crew and icon that ship is captured displayed All known problems with Voodoo 3 fixed - black gunrange, missing splashes, white windows Repair task Save & load issues fixes Ships capturing (including surrendered ships) and ability to buy them in their future Lot's of small fixes