Spyborgs Elevator Battle Trailer

1:27 of gameplay footage
Capcom Entertainment has released a new trailer from Spyborgs, an action game for Wii in which players take on the role of a diverse team of five bionic superspies in a fight to save the world from a group of dastardly villains. In the works at Bionic Games, Spyborgs is a unique action-adventure game set in a stylish world that resembles a Saturday morning cartoon. The game engages players in team-based challenges designed to utilize 2-player co-op play; in Single-player mode the 'team' theme continues as players jump from one member of the superspies' team to the next, rapidly tackling different challenges designed around each character's unique abilities. Spyborgs will hit the store shelves on September 25th, 2009.

Spyborgs on Wii
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