Devastation v390 Patch

Ascaron has released a new patch for Devastation, bringing ALL versions (French and Russian excepted) of Digitalo's FPS to version 390. This (huge) release improves enemy AI, fixes some graphic issues, some multiplayer bugs, and more. Thanks: 3DGamers. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Devastation v390 Patch (101.6 MB)
  • Devastation v390 Patch V390 is compatible with all versions of Devastation except the French and Russian. It can be installed on both the patched (381) and unpatched (retail) versions of the game. -The main fix from this patch is the single player AI. The NPC attack AI has been fully rewritten. Your teammates fight better and more tactically with you, they cover each other and look for cover when outnumbered. Also the enemy AI has been greatly improved, making the game more challenging. You have to play it to believe it! -Furthermore it's now possible to play against other Devastation gamers worldwide. The compatibility and connection issues between the North American and European versions have been addressed. Bugfixes incude: -infinite grenade cheat -respawn without spawner cheat -reload animation getting stuck in loop -HUD icons for territories