ijji.com and Moneybookers Sign Deal

ijji.com is taking bi-continental gaming by storm with the help of Moneybookers
ijji.com has announced a partnership with Moneybookers to allow ijji.com members across Europe to enhance the free-to-play content of the portal's online games with added customization and flashy in-game items - all with the support of a convenient local payment method via Moneybookers' integrated system. Under the relationship, gamers now have more options for improving their gaming experience with a choice to fund their Moneybookers accounts through the bank account or credit card of their choice. Moneybookers boasts added security measures to protect patrons, requiring users to authorize the transfer with their personal bank before any cash is moved. Unlike most other payment processors, there is no fee charged to ijji.com community members when their funds are uploaded directly from a bank account via Moneybookers.