Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Fog of War Trailer

The video focuses on the cutting-edge technology and special effects deployed to create the gameís stunning battlegrounds (4:21)
Codemasters has released a new movie for Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising, showcasing the sequel in the works at Codemasters Studios. Developed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising will give players the freedom to handle military crisis situations on their initiative. Unscripted missions will task players with real objectives, such as laying down suppressing fire, covering a friendly unitís retreat or conducting short-range recon patrol. Players will fight as infantry soldiers in battle, drive tanks in armoured assaults, pilot helicopters in air strikes and infiltrate the enemy in covert special operations utilising a wide variety of realistic military weapons from knives and rifles to machine guns, grenade launchers and laser designators for air strikes. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising will be shipping on October 6th in North America and releasing on October 8th through EPAC territories with a October 9th street date in the UK.