Silhouette Announced

Combining Softkinetic's 3D gesture recognition with NVIDIA 3D Vision offers ultimate immersive gameplay experience
At NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, Softkinetic has unveiled that conference attendees will be able to experience Silhouette, the world's first gesture-based video game, using NVIDIA's 3D Vision. As a result, for the first time game players will have the opportunity to be immersed in the only true 3D video game that combines a 3D gaming interface with 3D Vision. Silhouette is a controller free rhythm gaming experience that challenges players with a series of rapidly approaching walls, each containing a different person-shaped opening that players must pose and contort their bodies to guide their in-game avatars through. Silhouette combines gesture recognition technology with 3D cameras to enable players’ body movements to control the gameplay. The intuitive interface makes the game immediately accessible to any one. Silhouette is scheduled for release in the second half of 2010.