Half-Life v4.1.1.1d Dedicated Server Beta Patch

Valve Software has released a new beta patch for the dedicated Half-Life servers, bringing the Win32 and Linux servers to version and v3.1.1.1d respectively. This release addresses a security exploit, several HLTV issues and some bugs as well (read full story for details). Thanks: ComputerGames.ro Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Half-Life Dedicated Server v4.1.1.1 to v4.1.1.1d Patch (Win32) (3 MB)
  • Half-Life Dedicated Server v3.1.1.1 to v3.1.1.1d Patch (Linux) (3.4 MB)
  • Half-Life Dedicated Server Update Readme 7/30/03 v4.1.1.1d ---------- Bug Fixes: ---------- - Fixed format string crash bug in logging - Added bot count to "details" server query reply - Flipped anti-DoS logic to check per user and then global rate limits. Changed it so users exceeding personal rates don't add into the global rate calculations. - Fixed infinite loop due to malformed infostring - Performed optimizations on engine to improve performance HLTV: - Fixed missing end in HLTV demos - Fixed missing director commands with "playdemo" in HLTV console - Changed "status" output, more info displayed - Fixed Linux system timer problem - Added cvar "maxloss", default 0.05, if packet loss exceeds this threshold, new spectators are rejected - Zero delay possible for direct broadcasts without game buffering ("delay 0") - Fixed MAX_OSPATH for Linux v4.1.1.1c -------- - Fixed format string crash bug in logging - Fixed custom decals failing - Fixed sound bug in demo playback - Changed steam/valve string fromat from STEAM_x:y to STEAM_x:y:z v4.1.1.1b -------- - Fixed not being able to put hlds process in the background while redirecting console output - Fixed halfd not working with the console - Fixed not being able to kick bots - Fixed game "pausing" until console input when using screen and similar programs - Changed compiler versions and flags in an effort to increase performance - Fixed potential security exploit in infobuffer v4.1.1.1a -------- - Fixed console not being able to go into the background - Fixed crash bug when server was in a path with uppercase characters in it - Fixed sv_stats failing on FreeBSD - Made "kick # " work again - Increased max_queries_sec default to "3" - Increased max_queries_window to "60" (this means any program can send 180 queries in a 60 second window, hopefully the various tools can limit themselves to this) - Added "mapchangecfgfile" cvar. Set this to the filename of the file you want run on map change. - Created optimised binaries for AMD and i686 (Pentium II and above). The "hlds_run" script auto-detects your CPU type and runs the corresponding binary. If detection fails then edit the top line of "hlds_run" to point to the correct binary for your CPU type. HLTV: - uses "valvecomm.lst" for authentication - fixed "NULL" player names in HLTV demos - new command "clearbanns" - removes all IPs from bann list