Black Mirror 2 German Demo

English castle is once more setting of a thrilling point & click adventure
A demo for Black Mirror 2 has been released, allowing you to try out the German version of this adventure game sequel developed by Hanover/Germany-based Cranberry Productions, formerly known as 4Head Studios. Thanks: The Patches Scrolls. Developed as a classical point & click adventure, based on so-called 2.5D technologies, using a combination of highly detailed 2D backgrounds and 3D characters, Black Mirror 2 takes place in the 1990’s, twelve years after the first episode. Solitary Darren, hero of Black Mirror 2, meets cute Angelina while he is working at the local photo shop of Biddeford, a small town in New England. Angelina immediately understands to catch the eye of Darren´s despotic, unpopular boss. To add the mystery, there seems to be a third person interested in Angelina – Darren sees someone chasing her. He decides to investigate these incidents. His researches will soon lead him to several locations – such as the small English village of Willow Creek, that adventure game players know from the first title.