World of Dragons Gold Version Now Available

Enjoy the first multiplatform PC/Mobile massive multiplayer online RPG
LemonQuest today announced the release of the Gold version of World of Dragons, the first Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Multiplatform Game that can be played either in PC and mobile. World of Dragons lets players enjoy a fascinating adventure in the magic world of Iglion from the beginning to the end. To do that, more than 1000 quests have been created, either main or secondary, that will help the player to unlock more areas until the whole map is unveiled. Players can also finally reach level 60 of experience and enjoy lots of additional updates to enhance the playability. The main differences to mobile or older PC versions are a bigger screen size, enhanced graphics and interface, so the player can access the main options easily, as chatting or managing the inventory. The PC version also allows keyboard and mouse controls to move and select any options.