Lethal Skies 2 trailer

Sammy Studios has released a trailer for Lethal Skies II, featuring over two minutes of in-game footage. Developed by Asmik Ace, Lethal Skies II (aka Sidewinder in Japan) is "an arcade-style flight shooter that puts the most powerful real-world and classified 'black ops' fighter jets at the command of players taking on an army of futuristic enemies and advanced combat vehicles." The title is slated for release exclusively on PS2 in September 2003. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Lethal Skies 2 trailer (28.4 MB)
  • A year-long global war between the World Alliance and the World Order Reorganization Front has ended with planet Earth in peril. As a result of resentment and distrust, the World Alliance has begun to split and the seeds for a new global war are being planted. Nowhere is safe, not even the skies. FEATURES * Pick-up and play arcade-style flight shooter, with varying degrees of difficulty for casual and hardcore flight combat fans * A graphic leap from the original, with super-detailed jet models, amazing light effects and graphically rich environments * Seven new fighter jets for a total of 19 playable planes, including modern-day combat jets, classified "black ops" planes and futuristic fighters * Over 20 missions that put the player in command of an Air Force amidst an epic war, with unlockable campaigns that let players switch roles and become the enemy * Amazing new features, including split-screen and i.Link 2-player mode, fully interactive 3D battle maps, movie galleries and five different 1st and 3rd person point of views