Cricket Revolution Demo and Trailers

Learn how to play all 34 strokes, perfect your timing and placement to get your scoreboard ticking
Mindstorm Studios has released a playable demo of Cricket Revolution, allowing you to try out this game which will be published by Mamba Games on October 30th. With Cricket Revolution, cricket fans will now the opportunity to pad-up and walk out on the pitch to test their mettle against friends and foes alike across the globe in a battle of wits, dexterity, and strategy to dominate the playing field. The game boasts an in-game community and match making system for gamers to find opponents instantly while keeping track of every statistic from each match played. Results of games are posted online on the game’s site, giving each player the opportunity to track their career, mull over every detail of their batting and bowling stats dear to cricket fans, and progress on competitive ladders of varying difficulty. Three new trailers are also available.