Kaloki War Gone Mobile

The release completes NinjaBee’s first conversion of a full Xbox 360 game to the iPhone
Utah-based video game developer NinjaBee has announced that Kaloki War, the third and final chapter of the Kaloki series, is now available for iPhone and iPod touch, priced US $1.99. Kaloki War contains the complete combat scenario from Outpost Kaloki X, one of the original launch titles for the Xbox 360's downloadable service, Xbox LIVE Arcade. Aside from adding the new combat/defense element to the space station tycoon-game series, Kaloki War adds additional content including ten new levels and four bonus scenarios. From start to finish NinjaBee's three iPhone games contain around 25 hours of cumulative gameplay. Each game is also equipped with an auto-save feature that makes picking it up and playing easy for short, on-the-go-type situations or for longer periods of time.