Gloom Beacon Released and Demo

Get into the world of magic and challenge the evil wizard and his black army
StrongGames announced today the release of Gloom Beacon, a game that blends role-playing set and turn-based card strategy. Gloom Beacon tells a tale of Oasis, once a thriving trade center, which has been turned into the residence of the Dark Lord named Krachont. Wielding dark magic, the evil wizard has enslaved the citizens, turned the former king into a ruthless monster and imprisoned the queen. The Oasis is now disguised by the Gloom Beacon, and ships of the desert fail to find it. But this all is about to change now, as you start a fight against Krachont and his black minions. Gloom Beacon offers four classes (Fire, Earth, Water and Air) and eight races for your character (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Minos, Lahama, Rooh, Skogi and Kanchhor), making it completely customizable. You will play through 50 levels involving strategic thinking, and will have 300 terrifying enemy monsters, including 10 bosses, to defeat. As you earn enough gold, you'll be able to recruit allies to support you in this battle. A playable demo is now locally mirrored.
Gloom Beacon Demo (27.52MB)