DiRT 2 Windows 7 Version Announced and Trailer/Screens

DiRT 2 DirectX 11 gameplay footage (0:55)
At Microsoft Corp.'s New York Windows 7 Launch Event, Codemasters announced that the DirectX 11-powered Games for Windows Live edition of Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will be shipping on December 1st in North America and releasing on December 3rd through EPAC territories with a December 4th street date in the UK. Codemasters will take advantage of DirectX 11 features to add to the realism of the racing environment. Hardware tessellation will further improve the appearance of water and other surfaces as well as crowd animations. The performance of Shader Model 5.0 will aid in creating an even richer 3D experience, enhancing key image quality parameters such as depth of field, ambient occlusion and shadows. A trailer and five more screenshots have been added in our download section.

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