iCarly Released and Screens

Join the iCarly cast and create virtual 'Webisodes' of the Hit TV Show
Activision Publishing and Nickelodeon have announced the release of an all-new videogame based on the kids' television show iCarly. In the iCarly videogame, players help Carly, Sam, Freddie and the other characters from the hit TV series craft all-new webisodes of the show in an original storyline designed specifically for the game. Mini-games, presented as show skits, capture the creativity of the series, and allow players to work with the characters through new adventures. The iCreate mode provides opportunities for gamers to add their own touches to the webisodes by swapping out props, characters, color schemes, audio, intros, outros and more. Up to four players can either compete or cooperate together on Wii to complete the skits and earn Web-Cred, which can then be used to purchase new items, props, accessories and locations from in-game websites. Several screenshots from both DS and Wii versions of the game have been inserted in our gallery.