Will Rock v1.2 Patch

Ubi Soft has released a new patch for Will Rock, bringing this FPS by Saber Interactive to v1.2. This release improves multiplayer stability, allows now up to 6 players for coop, adds an option allowing you to start from any levels in single player mode, fixes a 'cannot continue' bug in the Medusa Level, and more (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Will Rock v1.2 Patch (US) (27.7 MB)
  • Will Rock v1.2 Patch (Euro) (28.1 MB)
  • Will Rock v1.2 Patch (German) (27.7 MB)
  • Will Rock v1.2 Patch 1.2 Patch additions: Improved multiplayer stability A beep when someone sends a multiplayer chat message Up to 6 players for coop (should only be used on higher-end machines with good processors and net connections, because framerate may suffer on lower-end machines) Added the ability to see ping when the game runs Added the ability to select all sublevels for coop In Single Player, levels are marked as ?passed? and player can select any one of them as the starting point Switched off auto targeting for projectile weapons 1.2 patch fixes: Fixed a rare "cannot continue" bug in the final part of Medusa Level as well as everything from v1.1

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