Cooking Mama 3 Demo Released and Screens #5

Mama's back for more
505 Games has released a playable demo for Cooking Mama 3 available on the Nintendo channel. Players will be able to download the demo to a Wii console and transfer to a Nintendo DS via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection from 09:00am today until the end of November. The Cooking Mama 3 demo allows budding chefs the chance to try one of the many new recipes featured in the game. Under Mama's watchful eye, players are taught how to make toasted marshmallows from scratch, separating egg whites, mixing in the sugar, whisking and moulding before putting them on skewers and toasting them to perfection before serving. The demo also allows players to use the brand new Cooking Mama 3 kitchen appliance: the electric mixer. Cooking Mama 3, published by 505 Games, will be released on 13th November across Europe exclusively on Nintendo DS - five more screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.