Brutal Legend Multiplayer Deathmatch Trailer

7:56 of multiplayer footage - you must be 17 or older to download or view it
To celebrate the release of Tears of the Hextadon, the first DLC pack for Brutal Legend developed by Double Fine, Tim Schafer hosts a Multiplayer Deathmatch live from Double Fine. Showcasing the brand new map, Death's Fjord, the trailer shows how Double Fine's own Kee Chi and Brad Muir go head to head while Tim Schafer himself offers commentary and insight into some of the finer points of Brutal Legend's multiplayer. Tears of the Hextadon will be available via Xbox LIVE on November 3 for 400 MS Points and via PSN on November 5, where the two-map pack will be downloadable for free until November 19, then costing 3.99 after November 19.