Raven Shield v1.4 Patch

Ubi Soft has also issued a new patch for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Raven Shield, bringing Red Storm's squad-based tactical shooter to v1.4. This release fixes several bugs and makes some general improvements (read full story for details). A new dedicated Win32 server is also available for download. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Raven Shield v1.0 to v1.4 Patch (GER) (14.1 MB)
  • Raven Shield v1.31 to v1.4 Patch (GER) (6.2 MB)
  • Raven Shield v1.0 to v1.4 Patch (FR) (14.2 MB)
  • Raven Shield v1.31 to v1.4 Patch (FR) (6.2 MB)
  • Raven Shield v1.0 to v1.4 Patch (UK) (14.2 MB)
  • Raven Shield v1.31 to v1.4 Patch (UK) (6.1 MB)
  • Raven Shield v1.0 to v1.4 Patch (US) (14 MB)
  • Raven Shield v1.31 to v1.4 Patch (US) (6.1 MB)
  • Raven Shield Win32 Server (Full) (149.1 MB)
  • Raven Shield Win32 Server (Upgrade) (6.9 MB)
  • Raven Shield v1.4 Patch Bug Fixes Sometimes, after throwing a grenade, players stay stuck in the throwing motion. This is being fixed. Getting stuck on a ladder...being fixed. It was possible to change the camera pitch while in-between round menus. This has been fixed. Some players would not revert to the "not ready" state when a round was restarted. Also when an admin changed some settings in the server options while a player was set as "ready" the server would reload and everyone would reset to "not ready" but the checkbox in the GUI would still be checked. This is fixed. The TK penalty box was not displayed if the console (or chat, map, etc) was open. This should no longer happen. Note that the console should automatically close. Zoom mode became messed up when switching from operative to operative with zoom on. Zoom mode should no longer get messed up. In the "Tab Menu", after a selection has been made (Play/Spectator/Green Team/Red Team), a player couldn't press Tab to return to the menu screen. If a player played a round with CMAGS and then the CMAG were restricted between two rounds, the player would have kept his CMAGs. This has been fixed. When an administrator crashed, killed his client, or lost connection while in the server options or kit restriction screens, the pre-round countdown would stay paused indefinitely. This is now fixed and the countdown should resume as soon the server detects disconnection. When the sound volume is set to zero, the sounds are not played anymore. This may help speed the game on slower computers if the player is willing to sacrifice sounds for overall performance. Fixed some message pop-up boxes that would either freeze specific menus or the game as a whole. Fixed a few incorrect messages. General Improvements Firing animation, sound and muzzle flash should now be completely synchronized with trigger pull. Additionally, the network code for firing bullets has been reworked and less information is now sent for each bullet fired. This will hopefully result in a performance improvement in heavy firefights in restricted bandwidth situations. We're introducing a spam filter which is configurable in the server.ini and supports a voting option. The following is a description of the new variables in the server.ini to configure the spam filter: SpamThreshold (default value = 5): If you use "say" or "teamsay" three (3) times inside the SpamThreshold period (5 seconds), the chat on your client will be disabled for a while. ChatLockDuration (default value = 15): Duration of the chat lockdown if you trigger the SpamThreshold. VoteBroadcastMaxFrequency (default value = 15 seconds): If you vote (to kick a player) more than once inside the VoteBroadcastMaxFrequency (15 seconds), additional messages won't be sent to the other players to inform them of your choice. We tweaked the silenced weapon damage to hopefully make the silencer a real option in Raven Shield. Silenced weapons should now do a minimum of 50% of the damage their noisy counterparts do. Additionally, the silenced SPP pistol should now be even more "silent". Drawing tool is now accessible between rounds. Players will now automatically switch to their primary weapon when they've thrown their last grenade. Two buttons have been added to change the map order in the "Create Server" menu. The admin now has the ability to change/add/clear the game password without needing to restart the server. The commands are: lockserver true newpassword (this will set or change the password to newpassword). lockserver false (this will clear the password).