Bright Shadow Launches and v1.3.2 Client

New MMORPG made its way to North American gamers
Gamepot USA has announced the launch of Bright Shadow, a new MMORPG in which players enter the world of Luciena, a peaceful civilization that controls the mysterious properties of "Soul Power" an entity that exists within every facet of the universe, in all sentient beings, and can be used for benevolence or manipulated for evil. However, deep within the Umbra Realm, nefarious beings seek to use the Soul Power to enslave, oppress and kill others; believing death is the only path to unlocking its true potential. After enduring countless attacks at the hands of the Umbra, the people of Luciena have dedicated themselves to the study of Soul Power to use it as a weapon against their enemies. Now with the battle lines drawn, an epic war has begun, with total control of Soul Power hanging in the balance. Like all Gamepot games, Bright Shadow is 100% free-to-play game with the option of purchasing "Pot Cash" for special in-game items further down the line. The latest game client is now locally mirrored.