Wings of Honour screens #2

City Interactive has released some new screenshots of Wings of Honour, taken from the latest build of their upcoming arcade flight simulator. The game will be published in September 2003 by Gauntlet and City Interactive.
Wings of Honour creates a new genre: the flying sim adventure. Set in World War I it allows players to fight and fly a variety of combat aircraft of that period of history. Combining the intrigue of battle assignments with the thrill of in-your-face action, this dynamic game is a unique mix of both the adventure and flight sim genres. From air battles and breath taking 30 aircraft dog fights to bombing and spy missions Wings of Honour provides the kind of action packed gameplay that is guaranteed to satisfy both flight sim specialists and the wider gaming fraternity. As you progress from one mission to the next you can take with you the skills you have already learned to help you achieve your next goals. Larger than life special effects include losing parts when hit, tracer bullets, spectacular explosions and volumetric effects. To add to the immediacy and all action fun, flight controls are more simplified than in true simulations and dynamic action in several missions guarantees a game ratio that takes arcade gaming to new levels. Providing the crisp realism that is the hallmark or all good simulations the graphically rich environments include so much detail that you can even pick out the blades of grass. With intricate reconstruction of models and the ground, Wings of Honour guarantees to immerse you into the action as you fight it out in the war torn skies. Features: * 10 different, very realistic models of WWI combat planes * Fascinating career path with many surprising turning points even during mission flight * Large selection of combat missions: dogfight, recon missions, zeppelin hunting, many kinds of bombing missions and even point air defense of home airfield. * Simplicity and maximum pleasure of flying - allowing to feel the fighting spirit in these times * Precise and realistic modeling of planes' behavior in the air * Stunning 3D objects and terrain create especially for this flight simulation. Many landmarks like buildings, docks, ships, miliatary bases and airfield are recreated in unmatched detail * Diversify of time of the day and weather conditions influencing the flight and visibility * Realism and strategy - 3D clouds the player can hide in and sun dazzling enemy pilots create many tactical possibilities * Many dramatic additional effects - Flares, missiles flying by the plane are visible as trails of smoke, spectacular explosions, planes loosing parts when hit, etc. * Different modes of multiplayer battles over TCP/IP connection - against other players or teamplate.