Warrior King Battles NA Trailer

Strategy First and Empire Interactive have released today a new trailer for their upcoming RTS title, Warrior Kings: Battles. Previously released in Europe, Warrior Kings: Battles will make its North American debut in September 2003. If you haven't tried it out yet, you can also grab the playable demo here. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Warrior King Battles Trailer (27.1 MB)
  • Putting the “S” back in RTS... Montreal, Canada. August 13, 2003 – Strategy First and Empire Interactive released today the trailer for the upcoming, highly anticipated RTS title, Warrior Kings: Battles. Previously released in Europe, its now time for Warrior Kings: Battles to make its North American debut. Warrior Kings: Battles introduces players to a proficiency of computer AI not yet seen in an RTS. Not only can AI Generals build a functioning economy, deploy offensive and defensive armies, and control potent formations, but they can also intelligently probe your defenses to determine your weak points. AI Diplomacy makes you think you are playing human opponents, giving new depth to single and multiplayer Internet gaming. Features Include: * Unparalleled real-time strategy gaming. Radical 3D technology brings terrain, provinces and cultures alive like no other RTS! * Go your own way: choose the paths of the Imperial church, the Pagan gods or that of Renaissance technology - develop different civilizations, units & abilities * Use real military tactics with a supreme range of combat tools - select from cavalry, rocket launchers, catapults, spies, war elephants, arch druids, elementals, golems, summoned beings and many more! Strategically use terrain, arms and formations to beat all others * Advanced A.I. opponents probe your defenses for weaknesses and seek alliances just like human players – unlike any other strategy game! Play a mix of human opponents and AI Generals, each with their own strategies and personalities * Valhalla Battles mode allows you to jump into the action faster and let’s you play shorter games. No economy, no peasants, no research, no upgrades. It’s just carnage, carnage, carnage! * 22 mission non-linear campaign offers over 40 hours of single player gaming * Game modes include Skirmish, Internet, Capture The Flag, Siege, Protect Your King and many others Warrior Kings: Battles will be released in September 2003. To learn more about the game, please visit www.warriorkingsbattles.com