Wings of Honour demo - pulled

City Interactive has released a playable demo version of Wings of Honour, their upcoming WW1 themed flight sim, due to be released by Gauntlet in the UK on September 5th 2003. Two missions are featured in this massive download. UPDATE: It seems like this demo was not for public redistribution after all, public demo will be available in two weeks.
Wings of Honour Playable demo - short manual How to start the demo? To start the demo just put the CD with the "Wings of Honour playable demo" into the CD-ROM drive or copy all files to any directory into your hard drive. After accessing the CD or the directory you've placed the demo just double click application "a2.exe" (the file with the Wings of Honour icon. This will start the demo. After starting the demo, on the login screen, enter your name or callsign or simply log in as a new pilot. After logging in select option "Training". The rest of options are unavailable in this version of game. After selecting one from two missions you will be transferred to the mission briefing. After reading mission orders or viewing your plane just click "fly" option to begin the flight. Caution! In different systemscomputers mission loading time may differ and may take even a minute. Flying the plane To control your plane just use arrow keys from your keyboard (to turn left press left arrow, etc.). If you would like to control rudders of the plane use "<" and ">" keys. There is the list of keys: Up - up arrow Down - down arrow Left - left arrow Right - right arrow Left rudder - < Right rudder - > Fire weapon - left Ctrl Change camera - C Have nice flight :)