Search and Rescue 4 Screens

Interactive Vision has released some new screenshots for Search & Rescue 4: Coastal Heroes, the fourth installment in their Search and Rescue series. A playable demo is already available and can be found here.
Search and Rescue: Coastal Heroes It's hard to improve on something great, but when the Coast Guard calls, you have to answer the challenge! Search & Rescue: Coastal Heroes is the newest installment of the successful Search And Rescue franchise, and is bringing you back into the fray as a heroic Coast Guard officer, entrusted with the daunting task of rescuing ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances. Search & Rescue beginners and helicopter fans alike will love this latest creation in a classic series, that get's you as close to the real experience of flying Coast Guard rescue missions as you can, without actually sitting in the cockpit. There is nothing more terrifying than being caught in a dark, frigid ocean, or falling into the violent waters of a lake in the middle of a thunderstorm. In Coastal Heroes, it's up to you to rescue those who find themselves in such horrific circumstances. Take the helm of one of three authentic sea rescue helicopters, and fly through over 100 missions, each more challenging than the last. Follow real US Coast Guard procedures, and bring hope to those who need you the most. Search and Rescue: Coastal Heroes is the ultimate in realistic flight simulations - it has you responding to emergency calls that come straight from the pages of the daily news, or the flicker of the evening TV news. Improving upon the thrilling, ultra-realistic Search & Rescue series, Coastal Heroes truly is the newest evolution in helicopter simulation gameplay, bringing numerous additions and alterations to the original engine - making your game play experience even more unbelievable than before. Stunning visual improvements bring you further into your role than ever thought possible, as buildings, trees, even the helicopter you're piloting come to life on your screen in stunning detail. A new dynamic lighting system and wave graphics addition will add a greater sense of authenticity to every mission, as the environment around you reacts to the weather, the smoke and fire, and your every move. And, a new, simulated living environment means the cities and towns your missions may take you to are bustling with people, who will react to you, and everything else around them. The Search & Rescue series has always prided itself on immersive realism - Coastal Heroes is a definitive next generation leap, taking that realism to a whole new level. New gameplay features give you greater control than ever before. Begin your career as an Ensign, and through dedication, courage, and sheer guts, work your way to the top with an improved Campaign mode. New briefings provide detailed and invaluable information on the mission requirements. In-mission, you call the shots - choose litter, rescue basket, rescue sling, whatever method you think is most appropriate - so that you can adapt to any variables that are thrown at you. Its all up to you in Coastal Heroes. You command the helicopter, you command the mission - people's lives depend on you! Features * Greatly improved 3D engine and environmental effects, such as dynamic lighting and wave graphics, create a fully immersive and visually stunning playing environment. * A new simulated living environment has civilians on the ground react to game events, including environmental changes and player actions. * Control one of three authentic helicopters: The HH-65A Dauphin, Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King, and the BK-117 C-1 are ready for you to command, each with realistic cockpit controls, and reacting to aircraft variables such as weather, weight, and system emergencies. Each craft is packed with details such as hoist lines, divers, spotlights, and landing gear, all of which augment the sense of realism. * In-flight mission adjustments give you the opportunity to alter rescue method and approach while on a mission, allowing you to make judgement calls, and rescue those in distress the best way you see fit. * Multiple game play options allow you to create a career as a Coast Guard officer, or play a random map to hone your piloting skills. * Extensive single mission controls allow you to change every facet of the environment, providing almost infinite hours of varied gameplay. * Controls are detailed enough to satisfy many of the biggest helicopter enthusiasts, while simple enough to encourage even the most casual of gamers.