All Aspect Warfare: Escape From LV-115 DLC Announced and Screens

This DLC will be free to all owners of the game
3000AD has announced that Escape From LV-115, the first of the planned DLC expansions for All Aspect Warfare, is almost done and on schedule for release sometime in Q1 2010. In All Aspect Warfare, the band of stranded heroes had somehow - against overwhelming odds - managed to locate and diffuse the R.A.N.D.O.M weapon on LV-115 before it detonated. Now they have to get off the planet and find their way back home. But considering that there is a Gammulan station above the planet, thats easier said than done. The DLC also features multiplayer deathmatch space and planetary combat which takes place in the LV-115 region. A batch of screenshots has been added in our gallery.