PutUp Released and Demo

Puzzle/match 3 style game with funny elements and many goods to collect
Matuda Games has announced the release of PutUp, a puzzle/match 3 style game in which you collect as much goods as you can by controlling a little, orange, funny being, who entertains you during the game. You will need different skills for different levels which unlocks playing the game. At the beginning, you start just collecting all visible goods and learn on each next level some more needed skills like speed, memory and strategy skills for better results. The further you will get the more different mysterious places and obstacles you will meet. The games world includes 3 towns with 24 houses (levels) to complete. Each level has its own difficulty and required skills that must be used. Also PutUp includes 8 achievements that can be completed playing the game. A playable demo is now locally mirrored.
PutUp Demo (14.22MB)