Screens #3: NASCAR Thunder 2004

Electronic Arts has issued ten new screenshots for NASCAR Thunder 2004, showcasing this upcoming racing game sequel in the works at EA Tiburon. The game will be released in September 2003 on PC, PS2, PSOne and Xbox. Thanks:
NASCAR Thunder 2004 puts gamers behind the wheel in a world where grudges and alliances mean the difference between victory lane and disaster. You're no longer just racing a track, you're racing a pack of 42 real world stars who think for themselves, remember your every move, and aren't afraid to pay you back. Revenge may be around the next corner or at the next race, as you scream through 23 authentic tracks or hone your road racing skills on 11 fantasy tracks. The key to success is building alliances that carry from race to race and season to season in an improved career mode that challenges drivers to manage sponsors, teams, garages, and crews while building a 20-year racing legacy. Online or on your own, racing just became a contact sport. Features: * PC-Specific Game Engine: PC drivers enjoy a new physics engine that provides an authentic NASCAR simulation. Realistic vehicle dynamics accurately model tire grip and wear patterns, handling and suspension, and collisions. * New PC Career Mode: For the first time, PC gamers get the challenge of managing teams, including sponsorships, car construction, R&D, and car setups. * Unparalleled Garage Options: The largest set of car setup options ever offered in a NASCAR simulation includes options such as fender flares, rear spoiler angles, tire pressure, wedge, gearing, suspension, anti roll bar, etc. Configure your car for each race and roll out for test sessions without affecting your NASCAR Cup standings. * Easy to Connect Network and Online Play: Revamped system allows up to 16 competitors to easily connect via LAN or online to battle in single race mode. With broadband, up to 16 players can connect with text chat and matchmaking by GameSpy. * Vertex Damage Effects: In the improved damage model, every impact is unique as individual car damage models are rendered on the fly. * 70 NASCAR Drivers and more than 175 authentic car skins: Take the wheel as one of your favorite NASCAR Cup drivers, Grand National drivers, or NASCAR legends. * Scaling Difficulty Levels: Over a dozen, driver assist options help rookies get started. * Season Mode: Race an unlimited number of seasons as you compete against full 43 car fields. * Third Party Support (online community): Car skins can be easily updated, customized, and swapped. Skilled gamers can tweak all graphic and performance related aspects of the game. * Amazing Visual Effects: Race through spectacular crashes with car fragments and flying sparks. Car parts on the track will damage vehicles if struck, and shadows cast by track objects are visible on car bodies. * Pit Road Realism: Detailed motion captured animations bring pit crews and NASCAR officials to life. * Sense of Speed: Greater volume of trackside items, more things "flying" by, and more shadow reflections on the car bodies and track surface. * Bonus Daytona Beach Road Course: Take on this Fifties style classic course that spans land and sand.