MotoGP 09/10 CES 2010 Screens

Twelve Laguna screens
We have a new batch of screenshots from MotoGP 09/10, illustrating the latest addition to the MotoGP videogame franchise. Players take control of their career both on and off the track competing in races and hiring engineers, team managers and press officers to help further their career as a pro and ultimately win the MotoGP World Championship. Demonstrating your riding skills on the track through overtaking, slipstreaming and showboating will be rewarded with Rider Reputation points. Pushing too hard can be detrimental as crashes and collisions will reduce the reputation bonus awarded at the end of each race. The more Rider Reputation points you earn the more attractive you become to other manufacturers, sponsors and employees. Your team will also research upgrades for your existing bike to increase its performance. MotoGP 09/10 is scheduled to be available in March 2010, for PS3 and Xbox 360.