Chaser Level Editor

JoWooD and Cauldron have released a level editor for Chaser, allowing you to create your own levels for this First Person Shooter. Check the included help file for more details. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Chaser Level Editor (4.9 MB)
  • Installation: After downloading the " to your harddisk, please extract the file. In the new folder you will find the "Chaser_World_Studio.exe" file. Start this file. In the setup menu you can choose to which destination you want to install the Editor. The installation program will also make a "Chaser World Studio" shortcut on your desktop. Help: You may need help to create your own Chaser levels. For that Cauldron made a help file. You will find this in the start menu in folder JoWooD / Chaser. There is a "Chaser World Studio Help" link. Just click on it and the Internet Explorer will open and you will see the help text.

    Chaser on PC
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