Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Xbox 360/PS3 Screens #5

Twelve new screens
KOEI sent us more screenshots from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, illustrating this game due to be available on February 16th, 2010. Available now on PSP, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce takes place in a mystic version of ancient China where warriors possess the power of "Fury". This power gives them superhuman strength, lightning fast speed and the ability to fly. Taking the role of any one of over 40 playable characters, up to four friends can go online to launch raids as a team or battle it out competitively. Using voice or text chat to coordinate assaults, players will go on campaigns to infiltrate heavily-armed enemy strongholds, clash with thousand-man armies, or to slay dragons and other massive beasts. In single-player mode, players have the option to choose and command up to three AI-controlled officers to join them in offline missions.