Polar Panic for PS3 Available in Europe

Classic arcade-style gaming with an arctic twist now available
Valcon Games and Eiconic Games have announced that Polar Panic, a new classic arcade-style puzzle action game, has been released via PlayStation Network across Europe - the game is already available via on Xbox LIVE. In Polar Panic, players control a bear named Polar who pushes and destroys snow and ice blocks around a grid-based environment in order to kill trapper enemies, activate switches, earn bonus points and gather powerful pickups, such as "Time Freeze" or score bonuses and extra lives. In story mode, players battle against a series of enemies in a variety of Arctic environments that include an icy wasteland, a logging area, the back of a giant logging truck, and the decks of a ship rocked by icy seas. Players can vary the difficulty levels, which change gameplay elements, such as speed of movement, and reaction and decision time. In puzzle mode, players push or destroy the blocks in order to open a door or reach an exit. Polar Panic has 50 levels of single-player madness in story mode, and 50 mind-numbing puzzle levels, along with single and multiplayer survival modes.